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how did you hear about her?

Hi, I just joined LJ and am still learning everything, including how to join a community based on one of my favorite musicians.


This is my 'how I first heard Takako' story...
My steady job of lo-fi webwork and graphic design for this local restaurant empire had suddenly cut my hours a bit. They were very slowly replacing me with an enthusiastic, unimaginative go-getter who thought good layout was centering everything. So, it was off to the classifieds for me.

This local t-shirt shop hired me to sling art. Sadly, it involved even less creativity than the restaurant propaganda job. Lots of rush jobs and no room to experiment nor to have fun with the whole process.

But, it did afford me plenty of spare time. More often than not, I just kept Illustrator or Xpress open with a couple of files and pretended to be touching up something while listening to the radio.

This all took place in Bloomington, Indiana; a quaint, semi-progressive Midwestern college town. One of the cool things about Bloomington was WFHB, a volunteer-run local radio station with a completely open format: If you wanted to do a radio show, and had enough material, you could eventually do it.

Their format allowed for all kinds of fantastic, obscure music. I was listening to that station one day, and heard Plash from Fun9. The quirky guitars and overachiever drumming had me completely hooked, and I nervously waited by the radio [hearing some great stuff by Suzy Ibarra in the meantime] until the dj announced who she was and the album name. I called the station to thank them and doublecheck my spelling, and had the disc within a couple of days, thanks to a well-stocked local cd shop.

In a couple of months I also had Cloudy Cloud Calculator, but then I entered a long period of little money and less new music. That part is all over now, so all I need is another great record shop.

So it is,
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