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takako, these are my friends....

A great thing about returning to Chicagoland is spending time with old friends. Paul and I were never too close, but liked many of the same things and spent enough time together to grow on each other. We have hung out every couple of weeks for the past three months, and I started loaning him some music that I thought he would enjoy. When I visited him last night, I exchanged some new music for what I had already loaned him, and slipped a Takako Minekawa disc [Fun9] in with some other things.

How do your friends act when you play them Takako? Most of mine do not care for her, or cannot seem to just enjoy the music for what it is instead of trying to take it so seriously. I see her music as being childlike, but not childish. It is full of wonder and imagination, and always sounds great in headphones. What more could I want?
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