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Have you seen this video?

This one goes out to all the J-Poppers and J-Rockers out there. There's a music video from about two or three years ago that I'm trying to identify by a Japanese rock group with a female singer that I don't know.

The video starts off, I believe, with a person (they might have a big afro but I'm not 100% sure on that) playing the drums with an American flag in the background. Soon the camera shifts to the singer who over the course of the video is dragged behind a horse by a rope, wears a cowboy hat, a kimono, rolls her eyes back into her head so that you can only see the whites in her eyes, and plays a (Flying V?) guitar.

It's definitely a faster hard rock song, though I'm not sure if this is the usual style for the music group. Can anyone here tell me the name of the singer and song? Thanks!
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