Rev. Syung Myung Me (revme) wrote in i_heart_takako,
Rev. Syung Myung Me


We seem to have been getting an awful lot of spammers in the community.. luckily, the moderator has been really good about popping out the posts after a day or two, but that's still pretty annoying/weak that they keep actually having to do it.

Perhaps we should maybe move to a moderation system? Or a thing where only approved members have posting access? (Granted really easily, of course, mainly by posting a comment in a particular thread or something, since I figure most of the spammers are just bots anyway... And I'm not sure if there're a whole lot of new non-bot members, since things have been (sadly) quiet on the Takako front for a while anyway.)

Just some thoughts. It's still an awesome community, with or without the every-couple-day-exulations to visit someone's hot webcam.

As for actual content: Manda Rin from bis/Data Panik has a flicker account, and posted a picture of her with Cornelius... that's sorta on-topic!
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