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i_heart_takako's Journal

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takako minekawa's page o' lovin'
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1.666666, athletica, black forest, black...white, brioche, cat house, chat chat, circling times square, cloud chips, cloud cuckoo land, cloudy cloud calculator, clover, dessert song, destron, drive my car, fabie:1 2 3 exercise, fancy work funk, fantastic cat, fantastic voyage, flash, flow in a tide, follow my dreams, fun 9, gently waves, i love, international velvet, joy of man's desiring, jusu, kangaroo pocket calculator, klaxon!, kraftpark, love, lullaby of gray, maxi on!, metromusica, micro mini cool, milk rock, milk song, mimi, moonlight shadow, more pop up squirrels, my love, never/more, phonoballoon song, picnic at loose rock, plash, pop up squirrels, rainy song, recubed, shh song, sleep song, slow flow mole, snow frolic, soft grafiti, spin spider spin, summertimes blues, takako minekawa, telstar, tiger, ttt(turntable tennis), wooooog, ximer...ccc remix

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