Syrinne/Phobrek (syrinne) wrote in i_heart_takako,

Hi hi.

Holy hey-now! I couldn't believe it when I saw it, but there's actually a little community here of people who lub Takako Minekawa. Of course I joined immediately, and figured I should say Hi, wow, and Hello.

There was a whole period in which between now and years ago - uhm, my college years and and some wild times in San Francisco - that I had trouble finding new music that I liked. I mean, none of the kind of music I like is on the radio. I don't think they even play music on MTV anymore. But eventually I got hooked up on the web, first with Napster and now more legal means of hearing stuff, and thus, I found people like Takako, Cornelius, and others. And now here I am.

What can I say about myself that's relevant here; I'm a big music geek and occasional bedroom DJ; I love an eclectic range of music, but especially electronic-based music; and if you combine the two, well the uncategorizable people such as Ms. Minekawa fit in with my tastes really well, and completely doth rock my little world. And here's people that have equally if not greater taste in music. Bravo hey!

So hello! Nice to meet you.
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