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Wow, a Takako livejournal group!

I have been a big fan of hers for over a year now. I was getting into Kraftwerk and I typed "pocket calculator" into WinMX and "Kangaroo Pocket Calculator" popped up. I thought it might have been a parody so I downloaded it and was completely blown away. Finding her music has proved to be a huge challenge, though. There is one shop in town, Good Records, that actually has a few of her cds. I have recubed, Cloudy Cloud Calculator and XIMER. If anybody is interested in a trade let me know. I also love Cornelius, Nobukazu Takemura, etc. but Minekawa is my favorite.

On the same line there are a lot of new electronic bands sort of in the same spirit as Takako coming out of Spain. Most are actually on the Elefant record label and include bands such as La Monja Enana and Entre Rios.

Does she have any music videos, DVDs, t-shirts or anything else that might be interesting?
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